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A short bio


My name is David, but just call me lion or Koba.
I'm a simple aspie hikikomori who likes animals and video games.

My hobbies are drawing, pixel art (not very good at those), playing and modifying old video games.

I'm currently trying to learn how to fully hack Super Mario World (code, graphics, music, level design, making tools to aid on that) to keep me busy through the day, and I wouldn't be opposed to doing the same in other games.

I also program, currently I know 65c816 assembly due to working with SNES games, but I'm also learning SPC700, C++ and Java.

I also love men (and some girls).
But men can also be absolute jackasses.

fandoms and interests

DigimonDragon QuestFinal FantasyFurryKirbySaGa seriesgeneral SquareSoftlionsArc the LadBreath of FireCastlevaniaChrono Trigger/CrossCyber Troopers Virtual-OnJoJoKingdom HeartsLion KingLive-A-LiveMana + Secret of EvermoreMarioMega ManNiGHTS into Dreams...Phantasy StarPoPoLoCroisQuintet (gamedev)Slayerssome Sonic gamesSummon NightVirtua FighterWild ARMsYs